New Year, New Y’all

We love to talk about “the board” as if it’s one big, multi-headed beast with split personalities that lands somewhere on a spectrum from micromanagement to complete detachment. But what if we spent some time talking about individual board members (ahem…also known as a “person”)? Good boards are made up of good people. And a […]

Can you repeat the question?

At some point, your nonprofit was an idea – an Aha! Moment – an answer. Someone (or a group of someones) deeply cared about an unmet need in your community. And they got curious. So they gathered together, they brainstormed, they got excited, they inspired others, they secured resources, they did the paperwork, they had the first […]

An Anchor or a Paddle?

An anchor helps you get still. A paddle helps you get moving.   What’s Your Anchor? As a leader in the nonprofit sector, you’re likely driven by a value system – a set of ideals that influence your perspective and actions, shaped by the wisdom of your own experience. Values anchor us – and our […]