3D rendering. Lunar astronaut walking on the moon's surface and leaves a footprint in the lunar soil. CG Animation. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Moon Landings: What’s the destination and how will you leave your mark? 

Victoria Prevatt
March 27, 2024

When working with clients, the conversation often begins with the “North Star” of the organization’s mission, vision, and values. I love hearing about the bright and steady light that guides your work and focuses your attention. ✨

But the conversation can’t stop there.  We must also talk about where you’re going –  the very real and tangible destination that you’re heading towards. 📍

Recently, I watched the documentary Uncharitable where Dan Palotta describes the “Moon Landing”  – he talks about President Kennedy, Apollo 11, NASA, and the sense of urgency to accomplish this mission. But to land on the moon took more than hope and a North Star…it took strategy, people, deadlines, innovation, discipline, and money.

To achieve a Moon Landing, we need the gravity of reality and the fuel of future thinking.

We need experienced and creative staff leadership.
We need board members to amplify our story and broaden our networks.

It takes teams collaborating, failing, getting knocked down, and then yes – getting back up again.

When thinking about your next “Strategic Plan,” consider engaging the board and staff in a conversation about the organization’s Moon Landing. Where -exactly- is that North Star guiding you? When do you plan to arrive? What mark will it leave on your community when you get there?

Make it urgent. Give it resources.
Let gravity do its job to keep you grounded.
Then, find the rocket fuel to push you past those limits.

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