AthFest Educates

Athens, Georgia

August 2018

Services Provided:

Here’s What We Did:

AthFest Educates sustains and advances music and arts education for students in Athens-Clarke County. The organization awards grants to teachers and educators who are doing super cool stuff to bring art and music alive in the classroom and beyond.

AthFest Educates asked Good Works to design and facilitate a 3-hour workshop for its Board of Directors on storytelling, messaging and yes, … the perfect “elevator pitch.”

A fast-paced and interactive workshop, the board members explored both the art and the science of good storytelling. Together, we looked at AthFest Educates through the lens of national trends, best and next practices, and clarifying target audiences. Then, in the spirit and style of “speed-dating,” board members quickly crafted and practiced their own stories about why music and art matter to them personally, why it should matter to everyone, and why it’s an urgent story for our community. We had a great time, some good laughs and some real clarity on how to talk to others about the mission of AthFest Educates.

** Spoiler Alert **

We don’t do “elevator pitches” at Good Works. If everyone’s trained to say the same thing, then you lose the passion and personal stories of the people serving on your board. Plus, we don’t have a whole lot of elevators in Athens and we don’t “pitch” a nonprofit mission – we share it, celebrate it, and invite others to join our good work.

Victoria has a true understanding of the challenges and opportunities nonprofit organizations face as they strive to build their infrastructure and impact. She was instrumental in getting all of our Board members to understand how we can grow and increase the role we play in our community. She made my job as an executive director so much easier.

Jill Helme
Executive Director, AthFest Educates

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